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Biblical Nutrition and Health 101

Biblical nutrition course in the Biblical Holistic Nutritionist Certification

Biblical Health Principles Course

This is course 1 of 10 in the Biblical Holistic Nutritionist certification. You will have the opportunity to purchase each course individually or pay for the certification in one payment.

We are writing our first course in our Biblical Holistic Nutritionist certification. Once the certification courses are completed, we will seek accreditation from natural health practitioner accrediting organizations to ensure we are providing the highest quality courses and to ensure your success in building a natural health practice of your own.

Course curriculum

  • Biblical foods and diets
  • Sin and sickness
  • Profitable food and unprofitable food
  • God's law is profitable for health
  • What does the Bible say about Allopathic medicine
  • Nutritional deficiencies as a cause of diseases

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Courses to be bundled in the Biblical Holistic Nutritionist certification:

  • Biblical health principles
  • Effective weight loss, without starvation
  • Pro-metabolism and thyroid health
  • Orthomolecular nutrition
  • Medicine chest in one functional food
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
  • Enzyme nutrition
  • Gentle detoxification
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Building A Nutrition Business

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